The Polish submarines

Some items from the interned Polish submarines' crew. Since their base in Poland was occupied by the Germans they couldn't return home.

They couldn't reach the UK so they had to go to Sweden instead. At the beginning the crew was interned in Vaxholm, but later moved to Mariefred.

The treatment fo the crew was not always the best. A blot in Swedish WWII history.

Read more in number 64 of MPT (in Swedish).

Kringsfångepost från Vaxholm

A letter from the interment in Vaxholm.

Brev granskad av Millitär Myndighet

A Picture view card dated 11.6 42 to Fp 800 “Granskad av militär myndighet” at INTERNERINGSDETALJEN VID FÖRSVARSSTABENS LUFTFÖRSVARSAVDELNING / FP 800 STOCKHOLM 5

Granskad av svensk myndighet

Postal card dated Sthlm 23.11.42: After 5.8.42 Säkerhetstjänsten was in cahrge of censoring the the mail and the text of the cachet was changed “Granskad av SVENSK censurmyndighet”.

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