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Swedish UN peace keeping operations


The quantitatively largest contribution from Sweden in the United Nations Peace keeping missions has been the Swedish Batallion SWEDBAT in Cyprus. From March 1964 untill October 1993 a total of 25 505 military personal and about 2 340 civil policemen in SEDCIVPOL have been in service fo the peace.
(Military letter type M 11C, see picture below)

Militärbrev typ M11C, stärmplat 1965-01-07 Sv. FN-bataljonen 
Cypern. Stärmpel typ C 2

Military Reply Stamp type M11C cancelled 1965-01-07 at Swedish UN-battalion. Cancel type C2

More reading.

Welin, Gustaf & Ekelund, Christer O:son, FN på Cypern: den svenska fredsbevarande insatsen 1964-1993, Stockholm Probus 1999, 377s ISBN 91-87184-61-3(inb)

MPT Nr. 57/2005 FN-bataljonen på Cypern 1964-1987 av Richard Bodin

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