GUIDELINES FOR OUR SOCIETY’S AUCTIONS “From Collectors to the Collector”


1.      The auction takes place voluntarily by bidding in ones own name and on ones own account via the auction leader (specified at the end of the auction). ENTITLED TO TAKE PART is both the suppliers, and the bidders, if they are members of the SMPS, Swedish military postal history society.

2.      In the auction there is a commission of 10 % on the bidding amount to the cover necessary expenses.

3.      For the supplier: The material should be clean and described by the supplier. Allowed are generally only military reply marks and stationery (letters, field post cards, etc.), which refer directly or indirectly to the term "military". The supplier has also to determine the desired "lowest bid price". The auction leader reserve however himself to change fantasy prices either in consultation with the supplier on a reasonable measure or to send back such lots.

4.      For the bidder: The amounts indicated in the right column of the list are lowest bid prices in the interest of the suppliers. It is required that a bid on a lot has to amount at least at that price. Underbids are not considered! All bids are received only in writing (letter or e-mail). As date of the bid the postmark or the reception time of an e-mail is considered. If several bids are equally high the first received wins the lot. As a winner of the lot is the highest bidder to the amount of the next highest bid plus an auction step of 10 SEK.

5.      Description of quality: All received lots are examined by the auction leader for shortages or defects. Proven defects are described. All other lots, particularly the field post, have "user quality", whereby with the field post the tolerance level is accordingly set higher.

6.      All lots are extremely conscientiously described. Since all lots are not shown by pictures on our web site, you can order copies for 2 SEK/pc made of single objects. There is generally no opportunity for inspection unless you contact the auction leader by phone or e-mail.

7.      The auction currency is the Swedish Krona (SEK), about 0,11 €

8.      The forwarding of the lots takes place on the risk of the bidder with registered letter. Postage expenses are on the bidder’s account.

9.      For controversies or disputes of any kind the executive committee of SMPS is responsible-

10.  After the auction a result list is made and sent to the suppliers and bidder when desired (a copy will be left in the society’s archive). A sale of unsold lots is intended within 30 days after the end of the auction. The suppliers can decide for themselves whether a not sold lot remains "standing" for the next auction, or if a return is wished.

11.  As the auction leader cannot work full-time with the auctions, we ask for understanding that with each auction only a limited number of lots can be offered (max. 2-3 pages for list and illustrations). If there is more material available to supply for the auction, we will be pleased to reserve that material for coming auctions in the next future.

12. We want to avoid deposit of funds before the end of the auction. All successful bidders will receive
an invoice after the auction to be paid within 30 days before the lot is sent to the bidder.

13. The accounting for the suppliers takes place after receipt the payments from the bidders. We try to settle outstanding accounts within eight days from the payment day.

14.  Of fairness reasons we must also insist on the fact that an assigned lot obligates the bidder to pay for the lot and take care of it.




Rev. B 2008-04-27