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Established in 1975, The Swedish Military Postal Society (SMPS) was formed to bring together the many collectors interested in Swedish Military Post from 1631, when the first field post office was opened, to the present day.
The items collected include pre philatelic mail in war and peace, military letters, postcards and stationery, military postmarks, Swedish military mail to and from foreign countries (e.g. Swedish Volunteer´s and Swedish UN-forces mail), post from prisoner of war and internment camps, censorship and postal restrictions, foreign field post in Sweden etc.
We also study postmarks, military cachets and postal rates.

UN UNTSO letter

UNTSO, organized in 1948. Letter, from a Swedish observer, cancelled at Beyrouth 29.12.1948.

Since its formation the Society has achied steady growth with 70 members mostly in Sweden but also in other countries.

What does SMPS do for its members?

The SMPS tries to support collectors of mail within the various areas mentione above. We count among our members experts in most of these areas, but expecially collectors of mail connected with the two world wars (covers, postcards and military reply stamps, prisoner of war letters, letters from internment camps, Red Cross and censored letters) and collectors of UN-forces´ mail are prepared to share their experience.

Letter to SFK

A letter sent to a Swedish volunteer in the Finnish Winter War.

The Society encourages members with similar interests to pool their knowledge and supports studies and research in their fields for publication later on in our semi-annual review, The Military Postal Journal (MPT).

Members are invited to report on new items and supply information of general or current interest. Newspaper cuttings, especially from local newspapers, dealing with subject connected with our activities, are highly appreciated for further publication.

Our journal is published in Swedish with occasional summaries in English.

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